Eco Soundings

John Vidal
Wednesday September 28, 2005
The Guardian

Danger zone

Beware Tony Blair. Hurricane Georgina (Downs) - the woman whose pesticide safety campaign led to the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution's investigation of crop spraying - is out to get you. "I am seeking a meeting with him," she warns. "We want more than a five-metre buffer zone. I didn't give five years of my life for a five-metre zone. We can't wait a year." Eco Soundings' advice to Blair is not to dismiss her evidence, like most people on the pesticides advisory committee did. They are still reeling from the royal commission report that last week ripped into them for complacency and incompetence.

Fact of the week

Pesticides applied to all crops in the UK: 1998: 35,485,618 kg; 2003: 30,545,618kg.