Georgina Downs' submission to the Consultation

Submission to the Consultation on "Proposals for the Introduction of No-Spray Buffer Zones Between Spraying Areas and Residential Properties in England and Wales" - Adobe PDF

Appendix 1 - References, as well as quotes taken from various Government and industry documentation in relation to the dangers of pesticides; notification and public access to information; and sections taken from various other documentation in relation to airborne pesticides; distances pesticides have been shown to travel; mixtures; acute and chronic ill-health effects following exposure(s) and other information relevant to this submission - Adobe PDF

Appendix 2 - Extracts taken from a few of the emails/letters that I have been receiving to highlight the comments that are being made by others who also have the direct experience of this situation - Adobe PDF

Appendix 3 - Submission to the Consultation on "Plans For Greater Access to Information About Crop-Spraying" - Adobe PDF

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