DEFRA Consultation on crop-spraying

DEFRA launched a Consultation on crop-spraying on July 21st 2003. The first part was in relation to making it a legal obligation to notify people before any spraying application and to provide the information on the chemicals to be used. The second part was in relation to introducing mandatory no-spray zones around residential areas. This Consultation resulted in the highest number of responses since DEFRA records began. The result of the Consultation was announced by Alun Michael on June 16th 2004 - click here to see the result

DEFRA news release at the launch of both Consultations

Cover letter for both Consultations - Word document

Consultation on Plans for Greater Access to Information about Crop-spraying - Word document

Links to the Consultation on Proposals for the Introduction of No-Spray Buffer Zones Between Spraying Areas and Residential Properties in England and Wales

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